Friday, June 5, 2009

Willow Creek Pass

Day 29: 78 miles - We got back on the road again this morning in Walden and started a gradual ascent up. The climb up Willow Creek Pass was our highpoint for the day at 9600 feet and the continental divide. From the top we had a gradual descent of about 29 miles into Hot Sulfur Springs, CO. We had originally planned to stop here for the day, but since we were in town by 1pm, we decided to grab some lunch and then head on 17 miles to Kremmling, CO. As we came into Hot Sulfur Springs, we came into the Colorado River Canyon. We followed this deep canyon all the way into Kremmling. The riding today was pretty enjoyable over all. We got back into the mountainous terrain and were only fighting the wind for bits and pieces.

Tomorrow we head up. We climb from here to Breckenridge, CO and then top out on Sunday over Hoosier Pass.

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  1. Wow - I was going to have you give Cameron a hug for me but I guess I'm too late! Sounds like the wind has been a little much, sure hope the next few days are beautiful and without wind. Thanks for sharing your adventure.