Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Day 45: 55 miles - We started out the day by crossing the Ohio River by ferry. I insisted on swimming across, but they ferry crew assured me it wasn't cheating to take the ferry across. Once on the other side, we started putting away miles in Kentucky.

Ever since we started running into westbound riders in Kansas, we have been hearing about this Baptist church in Sebree, Kentucky. We decided that pretty much no matter what, we were going to stop there for a night. The way our previous stops fell, we were left with just a 55 mile day to get to Sebree.

Once we arrived at the church, Violet, the pastor's wife was waiting outside to meet us and showed us all of the facilities. We were able to get a shower, wash all of our nasty clothes, and enjoy an air conditioned afternoon nap. Later on in the evening, we were informed that dinner was ready...yes exactly, a free home cooked dinner. We headed up to the pastor's house and gorged ourselves while talking about our trip and hearing about the church and community from our hosts. After we couldn't eat any more, we took full advantage of getting a night's sleep with air conditioning, and were then on the road again early the next morning.

The hospitality that we have had recently has been really amazing. Our night in Sebree was probably one of the most memorable so far and definitely one of the most comfortable. This family loves serving the cyclist that ride right in front of their church and it was a treat to get to meet them.

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