Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Day 31: 140 miles - Starting out today, we finished up the last 10 miles of the climb up Hoosier Pass. We crested at 11,539 feet and snowing so we quickly headed down the other side to Fairplay. Once past Fairplay, we had a pretty good tailwind that, combined with the descent, got us moving right along. By the time we got to Canon City, we had dropped to 5300 feet at mile 96 for the day. Just outside of Canon City, Andy and I finished up our fastest century ever at 4:50. From there we rolled on to just outside Pueblo and camped by the lake. We finished the day at about 4800 feet with an average of 20.5 mph.
Tomorrow we head east through Pueblo, hopefully getting to Eads, CO.

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