Saturday, June 6, 2009


Day 30: 54 miles - The profile for today involved a gradual climb from 7600 feet to about 9700 feet in Breckenridge. Knowing we had a little climbing to do, I was really hoping for a break from the wind. Well it ended up being a little different from the past few days, but it was still pretty bad. Compared to the constant draining wind of the past few days, this wind was gusty and varying in direction. For example, we were hauling along with tailwind when a gust from about 11 oclock dropped me to 4 mph and blew me into the gravel shoulder. Once we got closer to Silverthorn, the wind did chill out a bit thankfully.
From Silverthorn to Breckenridge, we rode 17 miles of the nicest greenway I've ever been on. It twisted along Dillon Res. for a bit and then climbed on to Breckenridge. I don't think I've ever seen so many people out riding either. I bet we passed over 100 people over these 17 miles. Also, today we hit 2000 miles since Astoria. Almost halfway there.
Tonight we're planning on camping somewhere in Breckenridge and then hitting the final 2000 feet and 10 miles up to Hoosier Pass tomorrow. This pass will get us out of the mountains for good and drop us straight into the flat Midwest.

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