Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Virginia Creeper

Day 52: 61 miles - So at some point last night, my parents decided that they were going to skip the family reunion and drive from Charleston, SC to Damascus to ride the creeper with us. I guess they finally arrived sometime around midnight. We got to hang out for the morning while eating the continental breakfast at the hotel before hitting the trail. Dad, Adam and Poppop rode the 11 mile section up the Virginia Creeper Trail with us before we got back on the asphalt. Mom and Mammy met us at the top to send us on our way for the last 400 miles. It was really great for them to get to come be a part of our ride.

The whole bunch

After the 11 miles

Back on the road

After we left the family, we finished out the pretty relaxed day in Wytheville, VA. No more big climbs until we climb up to the Blueridge Parkway on Wednesday.

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