Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eastern Time Zone

Day 46: 98 miles - After a relaxing day in Sebree, we got back on it today. We got an early start, about 6:45 I think and knocked out about 55 miles before stopping for some lunch. The riding recently has just been pretty comfortable rolling hills through trees and fields. The variety has been very enjoyable and the miles have passed pretty quickly. After lunch, we rode across the Rough River Dam and along the Rough River Reservoir, an Army Corps of Engineers lake. The scenery changed a bit here with some bigger ridges with rocky shorelines. We were really hoping to take a swim in the lake at some point during the afternoon, but the only area where we could have was a Army Corps campground. They wanted to charge us for a campsite to go for a swim. Needless to say, we passed on that.

While we were eating lunch, I called the place where we were planning on sleeping for the night to check on rates. It was listed as a hostel and campground, so I was curious what they were going to charge for each. I called and asked...the response I got was "Free, is that cheap enough for you?". I was pleased with the response, but knew it was going to be an interesting evening.

After a bit more riding, we rolled up on the junction where this free campsite was located. Turns out it was a convienence/grocery store. We went inside and the owner's daughter greated us with an Icey pop and showed us where the shower was. For the second night in a row, "Dinner will be ready in just a bit". So we sat down with them and chowed down on some hamburgers, greenbeans and corn on the cob. Again, its just amazing to see the hospitality that these families with no affiliation to cycling show to people riding through there community. It has really made me want to live on a route like this one at some point.

Also today, we entered the eastern time zone and broke the 1000 miles to go mark. We're getting close now.

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