Friday, June 5, 2009


Day 27: 69 miles - So last night, we camped at a city campground out near Saratoga Lake. It was starting to rain a little as we were putting up the tent, so we decided we'd store the bikes in the restroom for the night since we were the only ones around this bathroom. We thought we'd get to dry some stuff out from the hot springs and keep the bikes out of the rain. I got up this morning and went to pull the bikes out and found that the door had been locked. I thought it was some kind of mean joke at first, but when I realized that it was deadbolted and could only be locked with a key, I figured it was time to make a phone call. I called the city police and they said they'd send someone out. About 45 minutes later, a guy in a truck rolls up, doesn't say a word, and unlocks the door. As he was leaving he said, "the mayor asked if you'd please pay your camp fees". When we had come in the night before, it was dark and raining, so we put off paying until the morning. I guess this was reason enough for him to hold our bikes ransom. Anyways, $7 and about 45 minutes later, we got everything back and got on the road. Guess what...right...more headwind. We were planning on meeting Cameron in Walden, CO so we pounded in the wind, grabbed a quick lunch in Riverside, WY and then kept riding. After lunch, we had decent wind for a bit, but it again turned sour before we reached Walden. Today was one of the better days...i think we only had a headwind about half of the time. Oh, and we set a new top speed record today...51 mph. I think that one will stand for a while.

We got to Walden, met Cameron and then head to Cherokee Park Ranch for our first rest day so far. I'm not sure what's in store for tomorrow, but it won't involve a bike.

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  1. I'm good friends with the mayor's wife. I'll pass on the word that it's not nice to harass cyclists :-P