Friday, June 5, 2009


Day 26: 42 miles - After our insane day yesterday, we took it a little shorter this afternoon. We headed out of Rawlins and immediately into a headwind. We rode about 8 miles before being required to do something completely insane. With Wyoming being the least populous state in the US, they don't really have that many options for getting from one place to another. Staying on our route, we found ourselves turning down the entrance ramp for Interstate 80. We had to manage to stay alive for 13 miles of whizzing trucks and RV's while again, fighting a retarded headwind that kept our max speed to somewhere around 13.

I'd never been so glad to see an exit sign. We got off the interstate, turning off the wind, and managed to get about 10 happy miles of decent wind before the wind god caught discovered our change of direction and changed the wind accordingly. At this point, if we're ever in doubt about which way to go, we ride into the wind.

We finally arrived in Saratoga, WY and promptly headed to the mineral hot spring that we had heard about from a few other riders. During our hour and a half soak, we met a lady and her husband and the friend that they were visiting in Saratoga. It turns out that Karin's husband (the Saratoga resident) has had a live long dream of riding across the US, so she invited Andy and me back to her house for bison burgers and to tell her husband about our trip. We had a great time getting a wonderful meal and getting to know these two families a little.

Tomorrow we head to 70ish miles further south into Colorado to Walden.


  1. We were so glad you guys came over for dinner. It was great talking to you and hearing of your adventures. I know Michael, Mary, and Chris really enjoyed it, too. Have a great trip :-)

  2. Hope all is well for you guys!

    If you pass through Lexington, give me a call on my cell. We'll be glad to offer hospitality: 502-316-2255