Friday, June 19, 2009


Day 41: 87 miles - Today proved to be what we had anticipated. We had a few gentle rollers to get us started over the first 15 miles, but soon after we got into the real hills. None of them were especially long, but they were incredibly steep and continuous. I had plenty of time yesterday to come up with a comparison and the best I could do was the hill up Shackleford Ridge Road on Signal Mtn. The only difference being, as soon as you get to the top, you bomb back done the other side to do it all over again...for about 60 miles.

Here's the elevation profile for the day. Lines are in 200 ft increments.

Although the riding was hard, the rivers and scenery were beautiful, making the day more enjoyable. I think I would have really enjoyed the day if the temps hadn't been in the upper 90's.

We finished off the day as we rolled into Centerville, MO with a nice refreshing dip in the West Fork of the Black River...definitely the highlight of the day.

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