Friday, June 19, 2009


Day 42: 111 miles - After dying in the heat yesterday, we decided to get an early start and try to get some miles in before it got too hot. We were on the bike before 7 and had knocked out about 50 miles before 10:00 AM. The riding today was similar to a few days ago with a few rollers, but not as severe as yesterday. Overall the miles came pretty easily today until we got into the intense afternoon heat.
At the end of today, we topped out one final hill and then descended into the Mississippi River flood plain. After crossing the river, we ended the day in Chester, IL, home of Popeye the cartoon.

Side Note: We got about 10 bonus miles today after I made our first two wrong turns of the trip. So I guess our net mileage was about 100 miles. I really don't plan on doing any more "bonus miles".

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  1. This is amazing. I just now checked this blog. I remember you telling me you were going to do it but time passed quickly on me and I forgot when summer started. I wish we had done this while we worked at BMW. I wouldn't have been (still am not) in shape to pull this of but I am living vicariously through you. You coming to Florida?
    -Matt Wade