Sunday, June 14, 2009

Backwoods Bait Shop

Day 37: 104 miles - We headed out of the nice city park in Newton this morning and found the wind had shifted back to the northeast. Right off the bat, I knew this meant another slower day of battling the wind, but I think I'm getting better at coping with it (thank you iPod!). We managed to make pretty good time to our destination at the lake just past Toronto, KS.

This morning we crossed paths with the adventure cycling guided trip, so it was interesting to see how the opperate.

We noticed on the map that Backwoods Bait Shop offered free camping to cyclists so we figured we'd check it out. We rolled in and they immediately offered us a beer and invited us to come sit in their circle. We ended up hanging out with them all evening and then took one of the guys offers to sleep in his barn, hopefully avoiding the potentially bad weather. It was a blast getting to hear some stories from some local, good-hearted Kansas people.

Tomorrow we head to Pittsburg, KS for our last day in Kansas. Then it's 4 days in Missouri, a day in Illinois, then Kentucky.


  1. Look for a friend of mine...Bob Keuhl. He is riding from Virginia to California for a charity, Journey of Solutions. I think he is in Kansas today.

  2. put up your sail it looks like you guys are in for some rain and wind the next few days...