Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Day 47: 91 miles - This morning, we had a long haul before stopping in Bardstown, KY for our ritual lunch siesta. We got rolling early and felt pretty good, so we figured we'd knock out as big of a chunk as possible before it got hot. So at 71 miles, its been our biggest morning yet. We've got 20 more miles to go before our stopping point for the night in Lincoln Homestead State Park. Riding this morning was a little cooler than its been for the past week. I don't know if its the temperature or the humidity, but I was actually pretty comfortable for most of the morning. Lets hope this cooling trend continues.

After today, 820 miles to Yorktown.


  1. Thanks for the detailed updates. So glad to know your're enjoying some generous hospitality. Wow! We'll see you soon!

  2. I've been lurking here but wanted to offer some words of congratulations and forza! That ride is a dream of mine. One day maybe...

    John B.