Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Missouri ain't flat

Day 39: 101 miles - We started out the day about 6 miles from the Missouri state line. Once across, the terrain continued for a bit much like the rest of eastern Kansas. Just before our lunch stop, we thought we were getting our first introduction to Missouri rollers. Later on in the afternoon we realized that those were really nothing in comparison. These were just long and steep enough that you couldn't power over then with your momentum from the last one without dropping down a chainring. These things were relentless too...once you topped one out, you'd bomb down the other side, just to start climbing up the next one for miles on end.
The hills weren't all bad though. It created a much different ride than the past few days in Kansas and the miles passed surprisingly quickly. It was one of the hardest days we've had in a while but enjoyable.
We also caught the brittish guy today that we have been hearing about from westbound riders for about a week now. I think we're planning in heading to the same place tomorrow, so I'm sure our paths will cross another time or two.

Tomorrow we're planning on about 80 miles but we'll have to see how the terrain treats us.

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