Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Day 44: 79 miles - Early starts have definitely been the way to go. Like this morning, we have been able to get about 50 miles in before 10 AM before it gets too hot. After that though, we are stopping pretty much every 15 miles to refill water bottles and chug Gatorade.

This afternoon, around 2PM, (ie. the hottest part of the day) a guy on a motorcycle passed us and waved for the second time of the day. I didn't think anything, but when we came around the next corner, he was standing out in the gravel pull-off holding out two cold gatorades. Obviously we stopped and talked to him for a bit and he has been touring for years and was getting ready for a trip up the Ohio River.

From there, we rode on to Cave-in-rock, IL which is right on the Ohio River and the Kentucky state line.

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