Sunday, June 28, 2009


Day 51: 83 miles -When we started out this morning, it was really foggy and humid as we immediately started climbing. It wasn't a particularly tough climb up to Breaks Interstate Park, but I could not get my legs going. I guess it was the culmination of the last few intense days, but my legs just seemed unreasonably tired and my knees hurt. We stopped for lunch halfway through our mileage and after a little break, I felt a lot better on the bike for the rest of the afternoon.

Coming off the last mountain of the day, we had an incredible descent. It was probably the best road I have ever ridden. It was about a 1200' drop over 4 miles, tight and twisty 25 mph curves the whole way down. Andy and I joked about climbing back up just to ride it again. If you're ever in the area, ride SR 80 into Hayters Gap.

From there we hauled into Damascus, VA where we met my grandparents. They treated us to a hotel room and a really awesome meal at an "Italian" restaraunt.

Tomorrow we start out with an 11 mile section on the Virginia Creeper Trail.

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