Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Day 19: 72 miles - I started out this morning excited about the days ride partly because it would get us to the edge of Yellowstone and partly because I had a semi functional rear wheel. The profile showed a gradual gain of about 2000 feet over the first 55 miles so I figured it'd be a pretty fast day. We pulled out from our campsite on the Madison River and immediately had the wind in our face...and it stayed that way all day. After a slow, 4+ hour slog, we finally got to West Yellowstone, Montana.
Once here, my primary goal was to do something about my wheel. We rolled up to one of the bike shops and the owner agreed to help me. We left to unload and pitch the tent, then I went back to get to work. When I got back, the shop owner offered to let me use his tools and truing stand in the shop. So in a little less than an hour, I got the drive side of my wheel rebuilt with new spokes for only $18. It was super generous for him to give me free reign of the shop and a big relief to have a reliable wheel.
On the whole, I was a little disapointed with West Yellowstone. I knew it was a destination town, but I expected a little more character. There a lots of little retail shops but the feel honestly reminded me a little of Gatlinburg, TN.
Tomorrow we'll be heading into the park and into Wyoming. I'm not sure where we'll end up yet, but I'm excited about seeing the park and doing some exploring off the bike.


  1. Pinch yourselves! You have three entire states behind you!

  2. forget those states...Pacific Rim states are in general (oregon and washington are okay) overrated (CA definitely included). You're in the best west ones now. Head down to Coulter Bay tonight camp and take some sweet ass 3 dollar showers. Also National Parks out there have a good selection of beer as I'm sure you've discovered. Teton Brewing Co. beer in particular is excellent. I recommend Bitch Creek (good IPA), Au Naturale (the one with naked blonde chick in the hot spring), and Workhorse (one with the tractor...a good wheat Heffy). If for some reason you can find a reason to go through Jackson Jedidiah's Original House of Sourdough has some of the best pancakes on the planet at all hours of the day they are open. You should be breathing easier for the next couple of days as your elevation in yellowstone on the cauldera should be around 6K. Enjoy your extra hematocrit count you're going to need it for the flat states. You haven't seen wind yet...