Sunday, May 17, 2009


So we woke up sweating in the tent this morning knowing it was going to be a hot one. We rode the 40 miles to Richland where we got some lunch without the heat being too much of a factor. After lunch we started up the 6 mile climb between us and the town of Halfway. I really wasn't expecting much but the decent grade combined with the recent lunch and the 97 degree blazing, completely exposed heat took it's toll. We got to the top and coasted down to Halfway where we grabbed a cold drink and waited for some of the intense midday heat to pass. Eventually we finished out the day to Oxbow for a total of 69 miles for the day.
Tomorrow brings a new state and a new time zone with a hopeful destination of Council ID.


  1. Random switch... It's only 40 degrees in knoxville this morning...

  2. looks like you've gone about 1 inch and got about 4-5 more as the crow flies till you're done on google maps...good job. Yeah I'm with Dave we shivered a bit last night and had to put on jackets. And today it's only supposed to be 68 and sunny you guys are sooo lucky!