Monday, May 11, 2009


So today we grabbed some lunch in Corvallis and stopped off at a public library to check some email and update. Here's what's happened so far.

Day 1: Astoria to Manzanita: We spent about 47 miles riding along the Oregon coast and stopped at the best campground so far. Weather was sunny with temps in the 50's. We got a ton of ocean views and stopped a few times to take it in. At the campsite, we met a few other people doing some touring. One older guy was by himself riding all the way down the coast to San Diego. He said he'd been touring since the '70s and has never really gotten tired of it. Another German couple were riding up the coast from San Diego to above the Canadian border. Once they finish their, they plan on flying to the east coast and riding down the Atlantic Canadian Coastline to New York.

Day 2: Manzanita to Cape Kiwanda: Saturday was about 68 more miles of riding along the coastline down HWY 101. Again we got a bunch of great views and got a pretty good campsite right across from the beach. We met a few guys camping there who were there for the weekend to do some surfing.

Day 3: Cape Kiwanda to Rickreall: Sunday was another 69 miles and probably the least exciting day so far. We had one good 10 mile stretch of backroads to start out the day followed by a good lunch at Otis Cafe before about 50 miles of busy, not neccessarily special roads. We ended up in Rickreall and camped under a covered porch of the Polk County Museum.

For the remainder of the afternoon, we'll be heading to Coburg, OR and will be finishing up our first map there. Pretty much as soon as we head out from Coburg, We'll be hitting the mountains with 4,000 ft elevation, 25 mile climb to the top of McKinzie Pass to get us over the Cascade range.


  1. Good blogging. You even got your pics up. Be sure to include Andy and yourself in your photos. We're following you on a "live" map. I'll show you sometime. Everyone here is excited for you and asking about your trip constantly. Have a good night tonight and a good ride tomorrow.

  2. Sounds like you guys are having a great time.

    Keep the updates coming.


  3. Sounds like all is going well. Enjoy McKenzie Pass, it's a beautiful area. If you go through McKenzie Bridge, that is where I lived when working in Three Sisters Wilderness. Incredible hiking! Watch out for the logging trucks! Great rock climbing in the Sisters area. I'm jealous!