Saturday, May 30, 2009


Day 22: 42 miles - Descending out of Yellowstone this morning, I saw probably the most snow all trip. In most places in the park, there was spotty snow but here, there was at least a 4 foot wall on each side of the road. We also rode by Lewis Lake which was still completely frozen over. It's weird to see both of these things when it's 65 degrees out wearing shorts and a jersey. After a ways further, we entered Tetons National Park and came up on Jackson Lake with our first view of the Tetons. The view of the mountains over the lake is probably my favorite thing so far. Being able to experience something that rugged is awe inspiring.

Tonight we're camping at Colter Bay just on the other side of the lake from the mountains. Tomorrow we'll be heading to Dubois, WY and hitting the second highest elevation for the entire trip over Togwotee Pass at around 9700 feet.


  1. oh i'm so excited! i'll be there in 15 days! I want to give you a high five as we cross paths! Here we are
    warriors way west.

  2. Told you Colter Bay was worth your trip. It's definitely one of my most fav nat parks thus far. Hard to beleive Abby and I were on that thing about a year ago for our honeymoon higlight. Enjoy the scenery while you can the plains states lack all those awe in spiring peaks, but they do have thier own interesting things about them.