Friday, May 22, 2009

Salmon River

Day 12: 75 miles - So we got up and headed out from the little town park in Council were we had decided to camp. Again we were paralleling the Weiser River up to New Meadows were we stopped for a bite. From there headed down the Little Salmon River which was a beautiful raging mountain stream in this narrow gorge. We started out descending with a great tail wind and were making great time for the day. About 15 miles down the river, the wind decided to change directions on us so instead of averaging 25, we were now fighting to get 13. We continued down where the Little Salmon River become just the Salmon River and ended up at a great campsite right on the river.
This last week or so of warm weather has really jump started the melting in higher elevations so all of these rivers are much higher than their normal state. While camping on the Salmon, the water was really muddy and full trees could be seen floating down the river.
Tomorrow we spend a little more time following the river before doing some more climbing.

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