Friday, May 22, 2009

Clearwater River

Day 13: 88 miles - We started out with about a 7 mile warm up before hitting the climb up White Bird Hill. This climb makes use of 8.5 miles of switchbacks to gain 2500 feet up this completely grass "hill". Also, this hill is part of the Nez Perce National Historic Park containing Whitebird Battlefield. Once at the top, we coasted down to Grangeville for some lunch. Afterwards, we descended down to and along the South Fork of the Clearwater River through the Nez Perce Indian Reservation. Eventually we headed east up the middle fork, beginning our initial ascent of Lolo Pass and into Montana.
Our camping location was again primo. We ended up stopping at a U.S. Forest Service campground right on the Lochsa River and practically had the place to ourselves.
Tomorrow we gradually climb for the next 70 miles to Lolo Pass and Montana.

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